Professor Thomas Coulthard

Professor of Physical Geography 

Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull

Scopus Author ID: 6602655122

THOMAS COULTHARD is Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Hull, with a research background in modelling environmental systems, specialising in distributed and cellular modelling of fluvial and landscape systems. His ongoing research spans disciplines with research projects including the AHRC funded Risky Cities project (2020-23), and the NERC PAMANA project looking at the social and physical legacy of metal mining in the Philippines. He has also been the leader of the NERC Combination Hazards in ESTuaries (CHEST) project researching surge/fluvial/tidal flood risk in UK estuaries. In 2007 he chaired an independent review into the Hull floods and was lead author on the reviews’ influential report. Aside from work following the 2007 floods, his research interests are diverse, spanning from modelling the impacts of environmental change, metal contamination in river systems and the impacts of vegetation on fluvial geomorphology. In 2005 he was awarded the Warwick award from the British Geomorphological Research Group and in 2008 the Vice Chancellors Prize from the University of Hull. Tom is the 2020 recipient of the EGU Bagnold Medal. He is also the managing editor (and founding editor) of the EGU journal Earth Surface Dynamics.


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