Meet the Team

Our core team combines research strengths in English Literature, Historical Geography, Physical Geography, and Environmental Science.

Project Lead

Dr Stewart Mottram
Reader in English

Stewart specialises in environmental approaches to English literature.

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Project Co-Is

Professor Briony McDonagh
Professor of Environmental Humanities

Briony has a background in historical geography and environmental history, and current research interests in the green-blue humanities.

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Professor Thomas Coulthard
Professor of Physical Geography

Thomas has a research background in modelling environmental systems, specialising in distributed and cellular modelling of fluvial and landscape systems.

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Dr Chris Skinner
Visiting Research Fellow, Energy and Environment Institute

Chris specialises in the numerical modelling of flooding and is a passionate environmental storyteller and founder of the Earth Arcade and SeriousGeoGames projects, producing games, activities and exhibits.

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Discover how water has shaped the literature, history, and culture of regions that have historically lived with flood risk and remain at risk of flooding today.

Andrew Marvell and Hull

Detail from Wenceslaus Hollar, Map of Hull (c. 1640). Hull History Centre, U DDMM/33/8.  Dr Stewart Mottram, Reader in English at the University of Hull, explores poet Andrew Marvell’s early…